List here any texts or events that might be interesting to follow up during the case study section of the course:

  • Bill of Rights in Australia
Last night (26/08/09) John Howard delivered an address against the implementation of a bill of rights in Australia. He argued that common law rights protect individual liberties. Was he right? Check out his speech, published in The Australian.
  • Alan Jones and the Cronulla riots

In Cronulla, during 2005, racially-motivated riots occurred that some claimed to have been exacerbated by Sydney talkback radio shockjock Alan Jones.
  • Blue Murder

A film made in Sydney based on a true story, involving corruption in the police force and underground crime syndicates. it was banned from being shown in Australia for several years while the trial was heard.
The censoring of an anti-Chinese government film. Some Chinese film makers that were entered in the film festival pulled out in 'solidarity' with their government.
  • Paul Lampathakis

Paul Lampathakis is a journalist who was pressured by the police and government to reveal the source who leaked him a government report.
  • Michael Harvey and Gerard McManus

Two Sun Herald journalists now have criminal records after refusing to reveal their source for a story on veteran's entitlements.
  • Gordon Hookey

Hookey is a controversial Aboriginal artist. Some politicians and journalists have called for his work to be censored.
  • Bill Henson

The furore over Henson's photography is one of the most well known censorship debates in recent times.
  • Ern Malley

Malley is the pseudonym for some larrikins who wrote apparently nonsensical poetry. The publisher - Max Harris - found himself at the centre of a court trial for publishing lewd material.
  • Helen Demidenko/Darville

Demidenko won prestigious literary awards for her life story about her family's involvement in the holocaust. Then it was discovered that she was not who she claimed to be. Was her assumption of a pseudonym responsible? Should she have been censored?
  • Make Education Fair / Academic Freedom campaigns

The Young Liberals have a website to out politically biased, left-wing teachers and education institutions. The National Tertiary Education Union(NTEU)has a website to promote academic freedom. Can politics in the classroom be censored?
  • Paul Mees

Mees is an academic who was suspended for criticising the policies of a politician who was working with Mees's university. Paul Mees' academic profile.
  • Laughing at the Disabled

This is the title of a controversial PhD project which was publicly criticised by academics who were subsequently suspended.
  • Campus Bible Study

Should censorship be supported in relation to over the top religious propaganda on campus?
  • Pornography

Is it hate speech?
  • Kyle and Jackie O

What can and cannot be discussed on public radio?
  • Use of coarse language on Primetime TV programs and Movies

The use of coarse language in TV programs has become far more frequent than in the past. Coarse language was mostly evident in late night programs, in movies, in late TV soapies, but now, it is evident on Primetime TV programs. Many programs which are rated PG have coarse language usage, including MasterChef, Aus Idol etc.