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Censorship is Everywhere

How many people have seen a censored film, read a censored novel or played a censored video game?
Possibly everyone has seen something that is censored or has undergone some process of censorship, probably even that you see censored material on a daily basis. Of course it all depends on how you define censorship.
How many people have felt that something ought to be censored?
Whose job is it to authorise and enact censorship, to monitor censorship, or to challenge censorship?
The course is called Censorship and Responsibility. How do these terms relate to each other?

Censorship is Responsibility

Censorship can be seen as an act of responsibility. For example: 1) a person or government assumes responsibility for another person or group of people and decides what they can and can’t see, read, or hear, either by preventing them from seeing, reading, or hearing it or preventing the film/image/text or speech from being produced in the first place. 2) someone can choose or feel pressured not to create or say something out of a sense of group responsibility (not offending others) or personal responsibility (not harming themselves).
But these are fairly general statements. They do nothing but add some possible directions of thought for what might be seen as the BIG QUESTION for the course.

To what extent can or should an individual or government restrict an individual’s freedom to create or say something?

The Big Question

The first half of the course will be spent answering this question, and the second half of the course will be spent testing and adjusting these answers.