Lecture Materials and Powerpoint Slides

Below is the link to Lectopia where you can subscribe to a podcast of the lectures or simply listen to a lecture. Often the recordings aren't great because I walk around and ask questions, so best to come to the lectures and use the recordings as a backup or for review.


Follow this link to login to Lectopia.
(nb, The first lecture didn't record and the second lecture didn't record very loudly. The rest have been fine.)

Powerpoint Slides

Lecture One: Introduction -

Lecture Two: Liberty, Democracy and Media -

Lecture Three: Free Speech and Hate Speech -

Lecture Four: Censorship (and Classification) -

Lecture Five: Responsibility and Subjectivity -

Lecture Six: Theory Book Review -

Lecture Seven: Responsible Radio: Alan Jones, the Cronulla Riots and Kyle and Jackie O -
Lecture Eight: Sedition and Restrictions on Journalism

Lecture Nine: (Failed) Censorship in Art and Film

Lecture Ten: Responsibility and the Public Sphere in Film and Literature

Lecture Eleven: Academic Freedom and Responsibility -
Lecture Twelve: Question and Answer(s) -