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  • EMHaas

Ellie Haas is an Arts Student majoring in Philosophy and Film Studies. She is interested in Documentary filmmaking, in particular the environment and sustainability issues such as Climate Change, Global and Local 'Green' initiatives and consumer awareness. She graduates at the end of 2009 and will work in the Sydney Permaculture scene, undertake Outdoor Education studies and hopefully get documentary interest in this area to create some projects.

  • ACann

Allie Cann is an Arts Student with majors in Politics/International Relations and History. Allie has a passionate interest in Human Rights, in particular Refugee and Women's Rights. After completing her Arts degree , Allie plans on doing a Masters in Human Rights Law and Policy. Allie enjoys reading the broadsheet but can't help sneeking a peek at the odd tabloid newspaper for a hit of 'mass interest'. Allie's other interests include owls, festivals, poppies and making smutty remarks.

  • SABasger

Sam is quite partial to Thai food and an advocate of houses without pets. In his spare time he likes to play croquet and watch censored films.
He is also an arts student at UNSW.

  • JLucey

Jacqui Lucey is currently in her final semester of an Arts degree majoring in Theatre and Performance Studies and Women and Gender Studies. She is very interested in developing forms of theatre and performance that challenge conventional views of gender and is currently producing a production of The Importance of Being Earnest at UNSW. At the moment, Jacqui is reading the ancient Greek play Antigone and just for fun Cents and Sensibility. She enjoys listening to heated debates in the lecture so keep them up!

  • JIlagan

Jamie Ilagan is an Arts Student majoring in Music and Education. Jamie's main area of interest is Electronic Music, particularly the production of Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop. Jamie graduates from UNSW at the end of 2009 but has plans to study Audio Engineering and Production in the future. Jamie is also an avid gamer and geek.
  • BenMiller

Benjamin Miller is a teacher in HUMS3001. He has studied at the University of Wollongong and UNSW and has taught at UNSW and the University of Sydney. His main area of interest is Australian Studies, particularly literature and film. Ben would like to continue teaching at universities because students teach him something every day. His favourite book at the moment is Gould's Book of Fish and his favourite film is Mary and Max.

  • KRShort

Katharine Short is an Arts student and is considering completing combined honours next year. Katharine enjoys reading the classics, talking to strangers, and big 'family dinners' with her friends.

  • TFChristie

Tess Christie is an Arts student, currently in her last semester of the course which has taken much longer than expected after taking a semester off to travel the world in 2008. She has majored in English and is hoping to begin either a Diploma or Master of Primary Education in 2010 which will enable her to become a primary school teacher. Tess hopes to head back overseas to do more travelling after finishing university. She also loves socialisng (although sometimes too much) , food, and summer among many other things.

  • RJSShin

Robert Jung Seob Shin is an Arts student, in his last semester at uni. He is currently doing a major in Japanese but when he completes his degree, he is interested in studying early childhood, and is looking to begin a career in that sector. But before he begins work, he is definitely going to go travel around the world because that has been he is long childhood dream. He also loves to socialise and explore new places.

  • KHRyan

Kate Ryan is a Music/Arts student in her second last semester. Kate is majoring in Music performance and Film studies. After completing her degree she wishes to either find work in Radio or sound production or continue her studies with a Masters in Radio production in the United Kingdom. She enjoys the outdoors including hiking and skiing, loves discovering new music and can't wait for summer. Kate Ryan is also intrigued as to why everyone is speaking of themselves in third person, i feel so important, like part of a story.

  • AHGMartin

Alexander Martin is a Arts student in his 3rd year of study. He has one more semester after this semester until he is finished. Alexander is majoring in Philosophy and Economics. After finishing his studies here at UNSW he wishes to continue on and do a Masters in Political Economy. Hugo enjoys benefiting from a large range of literature, sport and musical tastes. He goes to the gym regularly and loves playing soccer. Hugo is willing to learn new things.

  • TYLuk

Tzu Yu Luk is an Arts student in the final semester of study majoring in International Business and International Relations. He has currently enrolled in six courses in order to finish the degree on time and is slightly frustrated at the busy assignment schedule and the lack of time that he could allocate for this subject....

  • HXNg

Charmaine Ng is a third-year Arts student majoring in Spanish and Mathematics. She wishes to continue her studies doing Masters in Arts (Applied Linguistics) in UNSW before venturing into the culinary world. She enjoys playing basketball and is interested to learn more languages in the coming years.

  • DBrayovic

Djurica Brayovic is an Arts student majoring in French and Spanish. I can't continue speaking in third person. In my first year of uni I studied Civil Engineering, then quickly swapped over to Arts, where I've been studying languages and linguistics. I play hockey during the autumn/winter months. I enjoy watching movies, and finding out about upcoming ones, I also have many favourite TV shows. During my long bus trips into uni I enjoy reading. In the future I hope to work in digital animation and my dream job would be working at the Pixar studios!

  • CAwerbuch

Chad Awerbuch is an Arts students at UNSW, majors include Human Resource Management and Sociology. Chad is currently in his last semester of his undergraduate course and may choose to do a postgraduate degree in commerce next year or a masters in HR, either way he is confused haha. I enjoy playing a range of sports such as, tennis, golf, touch footabll and cricket. I am looking forward to the 2009 University games, where i willl be representing the Uni in tennis. I am looking to travel the world when i have finished my degree in order to gain a greater understanding of my heritage and also learn new and diverse cultures. One of my biggest hobbies is to play Poker, this hobbie is so big that it seems to be a potential career path. ps. my mum wouldnt like me saying that.

  • JRHead

Jonathan Head is a third year Arts student, majoring in Politics and Philosophy. He is quite embarrassed about the brevity and quality of his contributions to this wiki.

  • OWKennedy

Oliver Kennedy is a third year Arts student, majoring in Film. He seems not to have contributed so greatly so far, but will be a much more pro-active wikier for the case studies.

  • JHKKim

Katarina Kim is a third year Arts student majoring in Japanese and Spanish. She enjoys watching movies and dramas during her free time. She wishes to travel around the world in the future, experiencing different cultures. She loves hanging out and chatting with her friends, but she also enjoys having time of her own, meditating.

  • HMKim

HeyMi Kim is a third year Arts student majoring in Linguistics and Japanese. She is an international student and has been in Australia for 2 years and half, so she doesn't know much about Australia. She plans to go back to her home country after completing her degree hopefully next year and get a job. She enjoys watching dramas and listening to music during her free time and on the way to uni.

  • JCBarnes

Jarrad Barnes is a third year B Arts Spanish major, in what will hopefully prove to be his last university semester. He is an avid bike rider, hiker, bodyboarder and traveller and so far has visited countries such as Thailand, New Zealand and Samoa and spent a month and a half travelling and studying in Europe. He is a newly converted blog-a-holic, maintaining two at once - one which is more creativity based, the other which is designed to entince people into the outdoors - two things which he is quite passionate about. Jarrad rarely gets to speak about himself in the third-person unless chastising himself so he enjoys the freedom of this wiki to allow him to do so sans reproach.

  • BABucalon

Beverly is completing a BA in Spanish Studies and International Business. She works as a waitress and is a current intern at a Multicultural Resource Centre. She loves a good workout, dance classes and watching cricket. Her favourite TV show is The Office (US). She is an aspiring international flight attendant.